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With an unmatched pedigree in the field of hard water scale prevention solutions without the use of chemicals or electricity, Fluid Dynamics offers their guaranteed green technology for scale prevention. Our technology has been tested and installed by many of the worlds' leading companies and establishments ( see just a small selection of our clients above on the right ).

Scaling caused by hard water can be a major problem, however, it can be prevented without the use of chemicals or conventional water softeners that can be hazardous and detrimental to the environment.

Hard water scaling can cause staining, block nozzles and coat pipework. Deposits can also greatly impact the efficiency of boilers and heat exchangers substantially increasing energy and maintenance costs.

Water Softening

In an effort to prevent scale formation expensive water softening equipment or chemicals have been widely used. These methods can cause pollution and are, in many instances, only partially successful in preventing scale formation. Fluid Dynamics offers effective and proven eco-friendly water softener alternatives.

When untreated hard water is used, it soon becomes necessary to remove scale build up. One method to remove scale involves the use of hazardous and expensive acid. In some instances mechanical removal with hammers and chisels becomes necessary.

Since 1973 Fluid Dynamics has offered industrial and, more recently, residential customers totally environmentally friendly solutions that overcome scaling caused by hard water. Using no salt our products do not require maintenance, power or chemicals. The water supply is also continual as no back flushing is required. Our product can be easily fitted to new or existing systems. Following installation, in the majority of cases where prior scale deposition has occurred, the pipework and equipment will descale. ( see how it works ).

From large industrial solutions scalable to any size flow down to our smallest 3/8" diameter water softener alternative Fluid Dynamics has multiple scale prevention solutions.

Results are guaranteed and we offer a satisfaction guarantee any time during the first year of operation.


Housetron : Scale Prevention

Plumbers LogoWe started using the Housetron Whole Home Scale Prevention units out of pure necessity. We have had several fine homes that we have had scaling issues with here in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada.Our issues have been isolated to homes which are using a boiler to heat an indirect water heater. The heat to the tank from the boiler is . . .read more
AACAL, Amarillo ISD

Agricultural_Scale_PreventionThe Amarillo Area Center for Advanced Learning needed a solution for the hard water scaling issues they were experiencing in their greenhouse. The cool cell filter for the greenhouse’s cooling system had to be replaced every two weeks, the mist heads in the propagation tent required cleaning every few days and salt deposits were . . .read more
Gazprom Scale Prevention and Removal

Pipeline Success GazpromGazprom is one of the largest energy companies in the world but despite chemically treating its water it still suffered severe limecsale scaling in its pipework and hot water heaters from the hard water supply at its gas compressor plant in Cherepovets 350 miles north of Moscow. Engineers having heard of UK based Fluid Dynamics non chemical anti . . .read more
Successful Double Steamer Treatment

Double Steamer Scale PreventionFood City TrialThe Problem: Food City was having a problem with scaling on the top and bottom steamers on one of their Deli ovens.  The bottom oven also had very low water pressure coming into the oven. The Solution: A 3/8” Scaletron was installed on the water line connected to the steamer ovens.The Results: After having the unit . . .read more
Building Services and Environmental Engineer Features Fluid Dynamics

Building Services LogoIt is the law in the UK (part L building regs) that in hard water areas a scale preventer must be placed before any new boiler installed Not many people know that .. to coin a famous phrase, but it reflects the increased cost of energy usage arising as a result of scaling caused by hard water. Traditionally water softeners’ might . . .read more


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